Driveco Connected

A Cutting-edge Solution for Fleet Management

What is Driveco Connected?

Driveco Connected service enables vehicle monitoring, condition tracking, and analysis by utilizing the data generated by the vehicle. Connected data is collected from the vehicles in real time and transmitted to Driveco, where it is processed and visualized in easily observable formats. This makes Driveco Connected a reliable, versatile, real-time solution requiring no additional installation. This data includes a wide range of information, such as the vehicle’s location, speed, acceleration, engine performance, and maintenance needs.

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A central aspect of Connected data is its real-time capability; information is continuously gathered and transmitted. The data is sourced directly from the vehicle’s internal sensors, enabling up-to-the-minute insights into the vehicle’s condition and performance without needing separate external devices. The data available through the application programming interface (API) provides a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s status, journey, and driving behavior, including vehicle condition, fuel consumption, driving speeds, location, environmental conditions, tire condition, and vehicle position via GPS. With this information, fleet performance can be optimized, safety improved, and decisions regarding vehicle usage and fleet composition can be made with greater insight.


Driveco Connected service provides a range of advantages for businesses. It aids in optimizing vehicle management and performance, which can lead to significant cost savings. In terms of safety, connected data can be utilized to monitor driver behavior and identify risks. Additionally, from an environmental standpoint, data provides avenues for reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency. Since the data is directly sourced from the vehicle, Driveco Connected is also a convenient and reliable fleet management service that does not require separate devices. Overall, Driveco Connected can help businesses stand out from competitors by offering more innovative services and improving operational efficiency and quality.

Predictive Maintenance

Driveco Connected service also offers predictive maintenance, which makes vehicle upkeep effortless and ensures the safety and good condition of the vehicles. With Driveco Connected, it’s easy to monitor the maintenance status of the entire fleet in real-time and supervise the condition of even large numbers of vehicles. Driveco Connected includes an automatic transmission of malfunction and maintenance information to the desired service point, easing the scheduling of routine maintenance appointments. This reduces the owner’s workload and enables easy and efficient scheduling of maintenance appointments.

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Driveco Connected service offers versatile benefits for both businesses and drivers, providing real-time monitoring of vehicles and performance optimization. Maintenance management can be simplified and vehicle safety reinforced through Driveco Connected. Businesses can utilize Driveco Connected to improve customer experience and streamline operations. Overall, it is a valuable tool for both businesses and drivers.


 Jon Uotila     Managing Director